Add: Phone Sign in/verity with Firebase Auth

Improvement: check network connection when open App

Improvement: splash screen

Add: Webview checkout

Update: display sort description in product detail

Fix: Sort category same category config in dashboard

Fix: status order

Add: Demo config preview for customer

Fix: moment countdown

Fix: Blog item clickable on Homepage

Improvement: default language

Add: on/off social login

Add: on/off Webview checkout

Add: cart button and rating in product item

Fix: login Google security


Fix get category list in style 1

Improvement animation in product detail

Improvement layout category style

Fix sort category

Improvement empty value


Improvement UX for me screen

Fix syntax Podfile

Fix variation product add in cart


----------------- In App

Improvement: safe areas on iPhone X

Add: button View Cart after adding to cart

Improvement: clickable on blog slideshow item

update: change name text sale in category

fix: add to cart with the product variation

Improvement: setting spacing on the home screen

----------------- In Rnlab-app-builder

Improvement: scroll list, layout component

Add: Product, Category layout list

Fix: warning update on unmount component

Fix: duplicate component

Fix: show dropdown on the second item (Banner, Slideshow)


Add: Send notification

Add: Razorpay payment gateway (for Indian)

Add: Paypal payment gateway

Add: Count down component (plugin builder)

Add: Blog list component (plugin builder)

Add: autoplay Delay and autoplay Interval for Slideshow

Fix: modal payment on Android

Fix: Html charset for category and post

Fix: round config layout category

Improvement: require login

Add: hook get the post feature image

Add: +2 home page layout

Update: Config social link, Address, Phone and Email

Fix: Item total, shipping total when change currency

Update: translate static link on the sidebar

A lot of Improve UX


Update: validate coupon

Fix: input Stripe form

Fix: get products empty

Fix: default currency

Update: config slideshow autoplay

Update: Add custom products for module product list

Update: Close images zoom viewer

Update: Fix typo out of stock

Update: Use my shipping address for shipping screen

Update: React Native to v0.61.4 ReactJS v16.9.0 and latest other dependencies

Add: Product category component

Update: Privacy policy in the payment screen


Fixed crash app when adding product variation

Fixed crash app when change template

Fixed plugin API not connecting yet => status:401


Initial release